Discussion Sunday Week I

In chapter I, T. D. Jakes talks about the rhythm of your instinct. He compares it to the genetic make-up and cells in your body. How they instinctively coincide with one another, which cause them to function the way they do. What are your thoughts on that? How can you tap into you instinctive rhythm in pursuit of your destiny?

Chapter II Basic Instinct
On page 15 of chapter 2, Jakes stated, “our creator designed everything to have a purpose. Do you know your purpose and if so, are you diligently working to fulfill that aspiration?

Chapter III Instinct in Action
The author did not want us to get confused with thinking that instinct was an uncontrollable urge, self-indulgent desire, arbitrary impulse or compulsion. (See page 24) How do you know when you acting on instinct and what should it be based on?

Chapter IV The Elephant Ova Dere
What is the difference between intellect and instinct? How can the two work divinely together?

Chapter V Instinct or Extinct
Another word for extinct is “asleep”. I’ve heard the slang expression used, ” you sleep on that”, meaning your not informed about something or your missing out on something that would be beneficial to you. Are you get the exposure you need to explore your God given passion?

These question are posed to get your creative thinking peeking and not meant to be invasive. Please make you response on this page so everyone can benefit from your input.