Top of the morning everyone!  Let’s jump right into a few questions to start the discussion of Chapters 6-10 of “INSTINCT” by T.D. Jakes.

1.  How can you fine inspiration with in yourself to achieve a monumental goal?

2.  The author said something great, when he said,” There is incredible hidden treasures locked up in your instincts that may not always show on your resume.”  Write down something that you can easily be on your resume, but you never expound on that gift or talent. You can share this with us or keep it for your notes.

3.  Can you think of one or two things that you had a gut feeling about, but it was so unusual and so unorthodox that you withdrew from it?  Was it because lack of confidence?  Was it the thought of rejection? Did you prematurely tell someone your vision and they were not supportive, even becoming vindictive?

Feel free to answer the questions, give a summary, or give your likes and dislikes about the chapters read for this week.