Discussion Sunday
Chapter 11 thru 16
“Instinct by T.D. Jakes

Let’s start off with a few question to get the creative juices flowing and hear what people thoughts are on these chapters. You are not limited to these questions or all of them. You can give your input anyway you want, this is simply an outline/guideline to introduce discussion.

image1. Can you recall an opportunity that was extended to you and you did not act on it? Was it fear of failure? Was it procrastination?

2. Do you tend to see things differently from your piers and if so, how do they respond?

3. Can you move to the next level of success with the people you have you have surrounded yourself by, your circle?
4. Do you feel you can be a leader? If not, why?

5. On page 205, the author talk about boundaries and boarders, what is your take on that?

Let’s share, make comments and expand collectively!