Happy New Years everyone! I’m coming to you today to conclude the discussion of December book of the month, “INSTINCT”.
I must admit, that at first I didn’t fully understand why T.D. Jakes did not include God enough when it came to ones reliance on decision making. After finishing the book, in my perspective, it was written to a bigger audience than just church goers and bible scholars. The bible actually says, he that win souls must be wise.” Also In I John 4:17 states, ” As He is (God) so are we in this world.” do that mean we don’t acknowledge God in the choices we make? No! It simply means we have been equipped with the power throughimage Jesus Christ! That includes the quality of life, not necessary the quantity of life, as Bishop so wonderfully put it!

Then the comparison of the giraffes and the turtles, how they can occupy the same land but their views are different. They do not even feed of the same vegetation, because the giraffe dine at the tree top and the smaller animals dine at a lower level. So to relate it to us, we have to understand that everyone in our circle will not see our vision and they can’t support it because they are not on our level. Some people will never taste what you are capable of eating because they simply wasn’t built for it.

Starting a new year, I’m ready to live at the level God built me to live and hold to the scripture that says, “I’m destinated for greatness “, because mediocrity is not in my view or values!