Raise A Child



As a nation, with so many resources and advanced technology, our children should be much further ahead than they are.  The question remains, why there are not and how could that be? The truth of the matter is a break-down in the family structure and the time that’s being spent during early childhood development to cultivate individuals with confident personalities, an intellectual socialist and creative thinking skillls has become obsolete.

In order for our children to have a fighting chance in life, the change has to start with the parents.  You do not have to be a parent to have a positive influence in a child’s development process.  All adults should take on the responsibility of nurturing a child that builds characteristics of boldness, courage and certainty.

Here is a clip of an 8 year girl whom mother saw a gift in her child, then maximized her potential.  Once she did that, like a baby eagle, her daughter began to soar new horizons that her mom could not believe.



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